The Best Date Night Games

Does anyone else out there love board games? Well my hubby and I really enjoy playing games together. And let me tell ya we have found some seriously AMAZING and fun games to play. Whether its in a group setting, or just the two of you! We’ve found them all. Sooo I decided to put together a list of games that we love to play so that you don’t have to continue missing out on the fun {wink}  (more…)

Sexy Spin & Win

Need a quick and easy way to romance in the bedroom? The Sexy Spin & Win has got you covered! It's easy to put together in a pinch, plus it packs a serious sexy punch

Need a quick and easy way to romance? If you’re short on time and aren’t too crafty, this game is sure to spice your night right up! It requires minimal time and effort, but is still totally cute and sassy enough for the bedroom. (more…)

Best Of…

The perfect group date idea for date night! Our Best Of date idea is frugal, but most importantly fun!

Sometimes date night is more fun with friends. Group dates are a fun way to build relationships with your couple friends, but also get ALL of you out for date night! Our Best Of date idea is the perfect way to a frugal and fun group date night. (more…)

Sexy Scratch-Off’s Tickets

Sexy Scratch-Off Tickets are the perfect quick and sexy way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Need a quick and easy way to spice things up? Our sexy scratch-off tickets are a fun and free way to do just that! Sometimes you just need a quick way to let your sweetie know that they’re awesome. And sometimes you need a quick way to initiate a romantic rendezvous in the bedroom. (more…)

Couple’s Gratitude Journal

Couples gratitude journals are the perfect way to express how amazing your spouse is to them! Plus it's a keepsake for you to look back on

We all know that communication is a vital part of any relationship. Since we are in the business of making your relationship the best it can be, we want to share this amazing idea with you! We have designed an easy way for you and your sweetheart to further communicate with each other! You can thank us later {wink} (more…)

Our Favorites For Baby

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet - Essentia Series, Honeycomb

Halo Bassinet

This is an amazing solution for mommas! It fits right up beside your bed, making feeding baby at night easier. But you have your own space, and so does baby!


Sexy Bedroom Checkers

Looking for a fun, romantic, but easy thing to do in the bedroom? Look no further than our sexy bedroom checkers. This game night redo will turn date night into a romantic evening in no time.

This game is like no other game of checkers that you have ever played before. How? We put a lil extra spice into this game to make it fun, flirty, and perfect for the bedroom! Romance, strategy, and fun all wrapped into one.  (more…)

Wallet Love Notes

Looking for a way to add a little romance to your relationship? Our wallet love notes are the perfect way to keep your sweetheart dreaming all day long. Choose from tame or sexy love notes!

Looking for a fun and romantic surprise for your sweetie? Our Wallet Love Notes should do the trick then! These babies are perfect for a quick and simple way to keep your sweetheart dreaming throughout the day. And it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to sneak one of these into their wallet! (more…)

11 Easy Date Night Ideas That Are Not Boring

11 easy date night ideas roundup

Do you ever just lack inspiration for date night? Date night rolls around and you just can’t even think because your brain is so fried from the week! It happens to me ALL the time. And nothing is more frustrating than searching endlessly on the internet for some easy date ideas and none of them are actually fun! That happened to me A LOT in the past! So! We here at Kissing Often put together a list of easy date night ideas that are actually fun and do-able! (more…)