It’s the holidays and you’re scrambling for a gift idea. We’ve all been there. And it’s not for lack of thought that you are coming up empty. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to come up with gift ideas! (The struggle is seriously real). Well don’t feel bad. We have the PERFECT gift idea for you…well, 5 gifts actually! Whether it’s your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, this gift will work for them all!


SO! We have one of the easiest, but most thoughtful gifts you can give to your sweetheart. I gave this to my sweetie two years ago and he LOVED it! I, however, had not started making printables or anything of that sort yet so his gift was NOT this cute!

The 5 senses gift image collage

Here it is! The 5 Senses Gift. I am so excited about this, you have no idea! You are going to give your sweetie 5 separate gifts. (Don’t worry, this won’t break the bank) One for each of his 5 senses! This is so much fun because you get to be so creative with this idea! AND your sweetheart feels super spoiled because they get to open 5 gifts!

We have compiled a list of different gift ideas for each category. Trust me, some of the categories can really stump you. So sit back and relax. Everything you need is right here! Now let’s dive in and get some fun ideas!

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5 senses gift sound sub header

Think items that your spouse can hear…

iTunes Gift Card : If your sweetheart loves music then this is the perfect treat! Now your sweetie can add new songs to their daily jams!

Sign up for Amazon Music (or at least a free 30 day trial): You you can sign up for a free trial of this then you get 30 days of unlimited songs!

New Headphones : It’s always fun to get new headphones that are actually comfortable to have in your ears, am I right?

A Singing Card: This is a great addition to the gifts. It can be the first thing you give your spouse AND you’ll get a laugh. This is also a good option if you need an inexpensive option.

5 senses taste sub heading

Things to EAT! (And don’t they love to eat?!)

Your Sweeties Favorite Drink: Coke, Pepsi, Tea, Coffee…Whatever strike your sweetheart’s fancy is what you can add here! If you’ve got a serious coffee lover, I’ve heard this is brand is amazing, but you have to be a true coffee fan for this stuff.

Favorite Candy These are literally THE BEST. You have got to try them!

Gift Card to Favorite Restaurant: This idea will be perfect for date down the road!

A Yummy Snack (Even Gum!): My hubby is absolutely in LOVE with this!

5 senses gift sub header for sight

Let’s remember that men are visual, shall we? {wink}

A photo of you two: This can be a favorite photo in a nice frame, the photo by itself, or even just a photo of you for your sweetie to have in their wallet or at work!

Sexy Lingerie: I think it’s obvious why this one is a total hit with the hubs. And this doesn’t mean you have to go buy a brand new outfit! You can wrap up one you already have or even just a pair of sexy panties.

A sexy photo of you: Boudoir pics are in! And hubbys are fans let me tell you.

5 senses gift idea smell sub header

His Favorite Cologne : My sweetie wore this when we first started dating. It brings back so many memories {sigh}

Oils : Try oils to diffuse in the room and get him in the mood before he knows it!

Candle : I absolutely love these wood wick candles AND this scent is one of my favorites.

Car Air Fresheners : This is an inexpensive but fun option!

5 senses touch header

This one has the potential to be really fun!

Lotion : I know what you’re thinking…what man would want lotion?! But its not what you think of. This is designed for men.

Lube : We like this because it is certified organic, and has no harsh chemicals and no parabens! (In other words, the ingredient list is short and you can pronounce all the things listed)

Massage Oil : My hubby and I use this ALL the time.

Blanket: I’m currently sitting covered up with this one! Get your sweetie one that you two can snuggle up under later {wink}

This adorable gift can be put into cute boxes (get some here), or even made into a fun gift basket! It can easily be personalized to whatever your spouse likes and is sure to put a huge smile on their face. Plus who doesn’t love getting to open FIVE presents?

Grab Our Darling Printables HERE !


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