So, as you may have noticed, Valentine’s Day is kinda a big deal around here. We seriously LOVE it. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have just the thing to get you (and your sweetie) in the spirit! With this darling Countdown to Valentine’s, you and your sweetheart will have something fun and romantic to do every night leading up to Valentine’s Day! 

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You know those adorable advent calendars everyone has at Christmas? Well this is the same idea! Except this is exclusively for you and your spouse to inspire intimacy and get excited for Valentine’s Day.  Basically each day, you and your love will open the envelope corresponding with that day. Inside each envelope is an idea or action that will inspire intimacy between you two love birds!

Valentine's Day Countdown Featured Image with heart string banner

What is in the envelopes? It could be an idea for the bedroom or an action to make your sweetie’s day. Each day is a surprise which adds even more fun! You’ll get the chance to be romantic the whole time leading up to Valentine’s Day, not just the day of. And the best part is that all the work is done for you. All you need to do is snag our adorable printables that have everything you need. They’ve got the cute little envelopes, the cards for each envelope, and even a couple little love notes to leave for your sweetie.

Valentine's Day Countdown with envelopes and intimate ideas

Another fun idea is that you and your sweetheart can do this together. You can alternate who gets to give, and who gets to receive that day. Or you can both do what the envelope says each day! However you decide to do it is perfect! It’ll be fun no matter what. Plus (as always) we have left a few blank cards for you to get creative and make your own! If there has been something you really want to do for your sweetheart, write it down and put it in the mix.

Grab Your Darling Printables HERE and you’ll be on your way!


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    • I can’t believe it’s almost February either! It definitely came up fast! But I can’t complain, I love Valentine’s Day 🙂

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