With our favorite holiday coming up {squeal} it’s time to start thinking gifts. This can be daunting sometimes. Christmas just happened and if you’re anything like me, you used all your awesome gift ideas on Christmas! Then Valentine’s Day sneaks up. Well don’t you worry! We have the perfect thing for you. We put together a gift guide to help you get some darling and romantic ideas to really make your sweetie feel special. 

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So if you’re like me, I come up with awesome gift ideas when it’s not the holidays. I think to myself, “Oh, I am going to get this for my sweetheart for Christmas” or whatever holiday. But the problem is that I do not write it down, and when it comes time to purchase the perfect gift, I can’t think of a thing! So frustrating! So this time, there’s a list! And I’m here to share it with you.

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1).  Sexy Truth or Dare : This  is seriously the best game ever! Plus it’s fun for the both of you.

2). Chocolate Body Paint : Fun you can eat!

3). Massage Candle : This is perfect for a romantic evening by candle light, plus you can get a hot oil massage all in one thing!

4). Cologne : Buy your sweetheart their favorite

5). Fun Socks: These are totally in right now!

6). This Fun & Sassy Notepad : Just to let your spouse know…

7). Why I Love You Today Notepad : Letting your spouse know why they’re awesome!

8). Personalized Knife : For the manly man in your life.

9). Remote Stand : Why electronics require so many remotes, I’ll never understand. But here is a solution!

10). Mints : Not saying you have stinky breath. Some people really love mints though. And these ones are super adorable!

11). Good Morning Mugs : If you and your sweetie both like hot beverages, then these are just too perfect for words!

12). Spicy Dice : A fun idea to add some spice and hint to what might come later {wink}

13). Shotgun Shell Flash Lights : My hubby got these and he seriously LOOOVES them. So if you’ve got a hunting lover, then these just might be perfect.

14). Journal : Give your sweetie a nice place to keep their thoughts.

15). Beard Care Kit: Beards are all the rage right now. So let’s keep them looking nice.

16). Sports Chair : For the sports fan in your life, pick your team and BAM! These are perfect!

17). Silicone Ring : I just got my hubby one of these and he loves it. And this is great if you have a small budget because these bad boys are pretty inexpensive.

18). Mr. & Mrs. Pillowcases : This is the perfect edition to your bed.

19). Sexy Bedroom Kit : This is perfect because the gift is already done for you! This has several fun things to try out in the bedroom!

In any case, Valentine’s Day shopping just got a WHOLE lot easier! Now all you’ll have to do is wrap the gift and you’re all set for an awesome Valentine’s Day!


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  1. That notepad is so freaking adorable. Hubby and I decided not to do gifts this year though. We’re getting close to having our debts all paid off and since Valentines Day is about 2 weeks after his birthday and 2 weeks before mine, we’re just going to have date night in instead. But there are lots of cute ideas here on your blog for fun at-home date nights, so I’m not sad about it. 😀

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