It’s been all Valentine’s Day talk lately and this post is no exception. Sometimes it is really hard to come up with creative and fun ideas for Valentine’s Day. Especially if this isn’t your first Valentine’s Day with your sweetie. So, we have another fabulous idea for you! Coupons specifically designed for you and your sweetheart! intimate disclaimer

While the idea of giving coupons as a gift is nothing new, these babies are different from any other coupon you’ve received. We’ve all made or received coupons for for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, etc. Those are the typical “breakfast in bed” coupons. And of course those are thoughtful and nice! But how about some coupons for your spouse that they will use and enjoy?

Bedroom Coupon post image with several coupons showing

These are the perfect thing to give to your spouse that they will absolutely L-O-V-E LOVE! Who doesn’t want to get some coupons that are redeemable any time and never expire?! That’s what I’m talking about! And as you know, Kissing Often is a HUGE supporter of intimacy in marriage ( See why here ). It is so so important to be close to your spouse in all aspects; not just one. Our adorable coupons do just that! Despite the title of this post, there are a variety of coupons included in our darling printable pack. And, as always, we left a few blank so that you can customize this to fit your desires and what your sweetie would appreciate.

Bedroom Coupons Post image with the envelope and some of the coupons sticking out.

What we have included is of course the coupons, a few blank coupons for you to personalize this, and some cute little envelopes for you to put the coupons in. You don’t even have to wrap this present! We even did that for you too. Some coupons will have date ideas that will create spontaneity (because it will be a surprise as to when that coupon will be used). Others have special days on them. And the rest…well those are the fun bedroom ones {wink}

All you need is our printables, some scissors, and tape or glue. Once your print these off, simply cut them out and put them in the cute little envelope we included. BAM! Valentine’s Day present done.

Get Your Darling Printables HERE !



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