A date night in! Sometimes going out just is not an option. But staying in can be fun too! In fact, we think that staying in is so much fun that we created an entire date dedicated to staying in! Sometimes finances or situations can prevent you from going out, but that is no excuse to SKIP date night. That’s just crazy talk! SO! Get all the details you need to have the perfect date night in right here.

I can say from personal experience that sometimes a date night in is your only option. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! But thinking of creative things to do at home can be a challenge. And if you have kiddos that can be an added challenge! So let’s chat. You are not going to compromise date night, but what should you do?

First things first, lets talk about the date itself. Not being able to go out, does not mean you can’t have a date. We designed a date that is meant to be done at home and it is so much fun! You and your sweetheart will have dinner together just like you would if you went out. You can make a meal for your sweetie, or you two could make dinner together. There’s a cute little menu to fill out, and even a check for your “guest” to pay.

Romantic Dinner Date In Table Setting photo

Now let’s talk about what you need to make this happen. You’ll definitely need food. Surprise your sweetie and make their favorite meal! Make somethin’ fancy, or even a copycat dish from a restaurant that you both like. Next is ambiance. Candles are a must for a romantic dinner (Check out these super cute ones here). Flowers are always a nice edition (real or fake), but it’s totally ok to keep it simple. We included some printable napkin rings that match our super cute printables so you can make place settings. Simply cut them to fit your little silverware bundle and tape. Boom! Table, check.

So what about kiddos? If you have children, obviously the ideal situation is to get a sitter. That being said, the ideal isn’t always possible. Sometimes no one is available. So if you can not get a sitter for your kids, then I would recommend including your kids on this one. Let them help set the table, help cook/serve the food, etc. They will feel so so special and you’ll get to have a nice family dinner together! How fun is that?

Romantic Dinner Date In sassy guest check with sexy ideas written on it.

So the last thing we need to chat about is how the night will end. I mentioned earlier in this post about a cute guest check that is included for you to give to your sweetie (AKA your “guest”). But the food is free…you made it…so what goes on the bill? This is where you get to be creative! This is how the night will end. So whatever you put on the bill, your guest has to pay! For example, you could “charge” your sweetheart 5 minutes of kissing for the main dish, and 1 steamy shower together for dessert. No dining and dashing here! Whatever it is, I’m sure that your sweetie would pay, no problem! Get creative and have fun!

Ok,ok so what do you get in our printable pack? Everything you need (minus the food of course) Included is:

  • Menu
  • Guest Check
  • Napkin Rings
  • Cute “I Love You” Banner To Help You Decorate
  • Reserved Sign For The Table

Grab our darling printable pack for freeĀ HERE!


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