Remember when you were dating and all kinds of fun questions came up that you asked your spouse? And you stayed up late into the night just chatting? With the stresses of work, kids, school, etc. it can be hard to keep the fun going and reconnect with your sweetheart. The stresses of life shouldn’t stop you from always learning and growing with your spouse. So we created these fun little conversation cards! 

These little cards are perfect fun for you and your sweetie to take a moment and reconnect. Taking a few minutes at the end of your busy day to chat with your spouse can really help strengthen your marriage! Today we are sharing a collection of over 60 different questions for you to ask your spouse and get the talking started!

Back when you were dating, talking to your one and only probably consumed most of your time. I know that I am not alone on this one. Talking to each other is how you get to know each other better! Asking silly questions really does reveal a lot about a person! Knowing your spouse’s favorite drink is good to know when you are planning a surprise gift basket, or even ordering a drink for them while they’re in the bathroom at a restaurant. It seems like such a small thing, but it really comes in handy knowing these things about each other.


Once you get married though, sometimes the fun conversations come to a screeching halt. Why? Maybe you feel like there’s nothing more to know. You already know SO much about them. But continuing to talk is essential to staying connected as a couple. Simply asking the same old “how was your day” doesn’t really spark much conversation. That’s why we created these darling printable conversation cards! With over 60 different questions, the conversations will never be dull, trust me.

Conversation Starters with cards showing

Each card features a fun question to get the ball rolling. We put together questions that maybe you didn’t know about your spouse. Or maybe you never thought to ask! You’ll be learning new things about your sweetheart left and right. The questions range from just plain silly (but really, do you like banana cream pie over pumpkin pie?), to questions that will help you dig a litter deeper with your spouse and get to know their heart a little more. There’s even a few sexy questions that we threw in just for the fun of it!

What we love about these conversation cards is that you can use them in whatever way works best for your marriage! Maybe you ask a question each night during dinner, or when you go to bed. Put them in a jar by the bed and draw one each night. You could even make a date out of these and ask several over a dinner date. Whatever works for you! Also remember that this is in good fun! You are learning and connecting with your spouse, so remember not to judge their answers, even if you think that pumpkin pie is better than banana cream pie {wink}

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