Last week we shared an awesome way for you to change things up with your spouse. We gave you over 60 different and fun conversation starters for you and your sweetie {In case you missed it, click here} Well, it was such a HUGE hit that we decided to give you more! However, these ones are just a little bit different. But don’t worry, it’s a good kind of different. 

intimate disclaimer

Last week I talked a lot about how important it is to have conversation with your sweetie. Sometimes the same old questions just don’t produce the kind of conversation that we need or desire. At Kissing Often we are all about intimacy and what it creates in your marriage. Conversation is definitely one the most important ways to bond with your spouse. And conversation is definitely a main part of emotional intimacy.

If you haven’t read our article on intimacy and what it creates for your marriage then check it out here. It’s no secret that we are huge supporters if it! I cannot express how much it does for you and your sweetheart’s connection. Intimacy is more than just physical, its many other things too, and all of them working together is what helps your relationship reach it’s potential. You never stop learning about your spouse, so having conversations is important because that is one of the ways that you will learn about them!

Here’s What’s Different

So I mentioned earlier that these conversation starters were a little different than the ones that we previously posted. Here’s what’s different. These bad boys have two separate categories. The first set of conversation starters is just silly, fun questions, like the previous conversation starters. These conversation starters are even fun to ask your kiddos! They will totally make great dinner time conversations.Now the second set of conversation starters are for the bedroom {wink, wink}. They are sexy questions that provide a way for you to get to know your spouse more in the intimate, intimate part of your relationship. We all know how important THAT is!


These conversation starters work just the same as the original ones. You can use them in whatever way works best for you! All you need to do is print them off, cut them out, and boom! Now you’re all set. Put them in a jar and draw one each night over dinner. Of course you’ll need to keep the two categories separate. Another idea is to keep the sexy questions in the bedroom and draw one each night. Or, you could ask the question during the day over text! Like I said, you can use these however you want! That’s the beauty of it. Fun and simple!

It’s always fun getting to know more about a person, but it’s especially important in marriage. This person is your best friend, partner in crime, and the person who you will be spending the rest of your life with. Learning and growing together is part of the great adventure you two love birds are on together, so I encourage you to remember to enjoy the journey.

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