Ok, so you know how we like to take games and spice them up so you can have an amazing, fun, and romantic date at home? Well, another one is coming your way right here! Skipping date night is not an option around here, so keep reading for a fun, easy, and already planned date night!

intimate disclaimer

So, I’m assuming everyone has played Bingo, or at least knows how it works. Because that’s a big part of this date idea! I’d like to introduce you to Bingo’s older, more fun cousin Date-O! So the name is kinda dorky but who cares! This is a way more fun and sexy version of bingo! You won’t be able to get enough.

Date-O works in the dame way that Bingo does. A letter with a corresponding number is drawn and called. If you have that on your card, then you mark it. Here’s where Date-O is different. First difference is that you and your sweetie will be sharing a card. When the letter/number combo is called, you will do whatever is in that box on your card. Whatever is in that box, you both take turns doing. So if the box says 10 minute massage, you will give your spouse a 10 min massage, and then you will get to enjoy a 10 minute massage. Fun for everyone!

Date-O cards

There are 2 different cards to enjoy. Card #1 is full of ideas that you can do right from your living room! From baking a dessert together, to learning a new game together. This card has it all! Card #2 is all about the romance. This darling card features fun intimate ideas! I won’t go into the details of this card, you can just see for yourself {wink wink}. All you need to do is print off these cards and the tokens, and you’re on your way to a fun date night!

You have the freedom to use these adorable cards in whatever way you like. Play until someone gets Date-O, or go for a blackout board! For the at home date board, I would recommend picking a token for that board each night, or even each week. Otherwise you are going to have a very late date night! You can do the same thing for the romantic Date-O card, however, you have the potential for a REALLY fun night with this one! The items listed on this card don’t take as much time, so take this card into the bedroom and have a date night in the will not disappoint!

Date-o bingo card

Whatever way you choose to use these is up to you! But one thing is for sure. You will not run out of at home ideas with our darling Date-O cards! All you need to do is print out the cards, and cut out the tokens. Game night just keeps getting better! That’s all for date night this week! And don’t forget to snag your printables below!

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  1. This is a great site! I found you through pinterest this afternoon. I have since signed up for your emails and pinned many of your date ideas. Thank you for your hard work designing the printables and in “testing out” your ideas for us 😉

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