I absolutely love spoiling my sweetie! Who doesn’t?! But I will admit sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ways to surprise him, AND to top what I did in prior years. I mean well! Really! But sometimes the ideas just don’t flow. Then this beautiful idea came to me! And it was just the thing to do this year! This scavenger hunt is the perfect solution when you are stuck, or want to make a birthday extra special. The best part about it? It didn’t cost much at all. (who doesn’t love that?)

birthday scavenger hunt image with clue envelopes laid out.

SO! My sweet husband’s birthday was yesterday! And he got kiiiinda a big gift. But he’s such a stinker almost always finds out what he’s getting no matter how hard I try. And I did good this year, let me tell you. I kept it together every single time the topic of his present was brought up. But somehow this guy of mine just figures stuff out. Now, I’m all about surprises. They’re just so much fun! I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they are genuinely surprised. I have actually surprised my sweetheart once. Yup. Just once. On our honeymoon. He loves fishing so I surprised him with a charter fishing trip one morning. It was so awesome! And he was 110% surprised. Due to his history of figuring surprises out, accomplishing THIS surprise was a huge win for me.

So this year, I decided that since he was getting such a big gift (and he kinda had a really good idea of what he got after checking our bank account one day before he was getting the present *sigh*) that he should really have to work for this one. Really amp up the anticipation and get him super excited. That is how this scavenger hunt came to be. We were having a party and it would be perfect for him to have to really search for this gift. I even got him a decoy gift to throw him off! It was so fun.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

It worked out beautifully. So lets talk about how this works shall we? First of all, let me tell you all the hard work (coming up with the rhymes and clues) has been done for you {wink}. So the way it works is simple. Each clue leads to something in the house. Where do you hide these bad boys? In no particular order here’s where: fridge, washer, under the dining room table, with you, in the car, and in the shoe basket (or wherever all the shoes in your house are kept).

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

The first clue was in the last birthday card that he opened. And so the hunt began. This was such a fun time! We designed this to be simple and fun, so all the clues lead to the next location with pretty obvious hints. The beauty of this scavenger hunt is that the clues can be hidden in plain sight, or not so plain sight. It is completely up to you! You could even do this for your kiddos!

What I love about this gift is that aside from the cost of the actual gift you buy, this is not very expensive at all. And it can work with any gift, or even a series of small gifts. It’s fun to hide a small gift with each clue. You could even do this with our 5 Senses Gift! How fun would that be?! The possibilities are endless with this scavenger hunt. And it gets better. All of these super cute printables are available to you for FREE. All done and ready to go for the big day. Now you can surprise your sweetie and make them feel extra special on their day too! So all that’s left for you to do is print these off, and you’ll be all set for a fun birthday surprise!

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