We have another super fun re-do of a tried and true favorite. Of course there is a fun twist on this game to make it sassy enough for date night {wink}. This fun and simple game is not how you remember it as a kid. This familiar game has been transformed in order to spice up your night! 

intimate disclaimer

So what could we have possibly changed in order to transform the seemingly ordinary game of Tic-Tac-Toe, into the sexy game of X’s and O’s? Let me show you! By now you know we have a lot of fun taking games and turning them into fun and sexy games for the bedroom. It’s fun because it’s a familiar game, but the “new” game has a whole new twist that makes it exciting! What game could be more simple than Tic-Tac-Toe?!¬†Well…we are going to call it X’s & O’s because this is a whole new game! {And just a little side note…this “new” game is awesome}.

X's & O's game board with game tokens.

We all know that sometimes, you just can’t get out for date night. Money is tight, or the sitter cancels, or someone gets sick, or works late…the list goes on. But we believe that that is no excuse to flat out NOT have date night. It is totally possible to still have a rockin’ date night! {Especially since we have so many fun ideas on our site *wink*} That is why we share all of our ideas!

So, as usual, the redesigned game works similarly to the original. You will still play the game how tic-tac-toe is played. But here’s the twist. You’ll notice that on the game board, each square has something written in it. Well when you pick a square to lay your token down, you also have to complete the sassy suggestion that is listed in that square. Right then and there. No waiting until the end of the game. So now there’s a whole new strategy to this game! Not only are you trying to block your opponent from getting three in a row, but also trying to pick the squares that are the most fun!

close up of X's & O's winner's circle card

Another added bonus to playing X’s & O’s is that the winner gets a prize! Yes, that’s right. Whoever wins the game get to pick a card from the winner’s circle cards. This card, by the way, is drawn blindly. No cherry picking here folks. Trust me, all the cards are good cards, so there will be no complaining. If your game ends in a tie (like many games played with adults do) then just keep playing until someone wins. You and your sweetheart can play the game as long as you want to! And because we have the fun little tokens to mark your spaces, you can play over, and over and never need a new board.

X's & O's Winner circle cards

So get ready to play! We have everything that you need in our printable pack. X’s are…well X’s and O’s are the kisses! We even included a blank board, and winner card for you to fill in and get creative if you desire!

Download Your FREE Printables HERE!


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