Has anyone ever told you that you were too old to get an Easter basket? Whether your answer to that question was a yes, or a no, you ‘ll definitely want to read on {wink}. I am about to share some AH-mazing ideas for you to create a PERFECT Easter basket for your sweetheart!

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Any opportunity to give your sweetie some sassy gifts that are actually for the both of you is a good opportunity. Am I right? So get ready to have your socks knocked right off! I’m going to share with you just how to make the perfect sexy Easter basket. First things first you’ll need a few things:

  • A Basket
  • Tissue Paper or Colorful Plastic Grass
  • Your Favorite Sexy Items (and we’ve got TONS of suggestions for you)

Here are some super fun ideas for you to include in your sweeties Easter Basket. Just pick some of your favorites and what you think your sweetheart will like the most. Of course you can add in your personal favorites too! Here we go!

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Sexy Easter Basket items massage oil, lube, candles, lingerie, and massage candle.

1). Massage Oil: What’s so amazing about THIS oil? It has SOO many benefits. #1, it’s edible. So ya know…don’t need to go into detail about that here. You get it. But in addition to that this is made with natural ingredients like jojoba and coconut oils. It also naturally soothes aches and pains. I’m tellin’ you! You gotta try it!

2). Candles: Candles are not just for the bedroom peeps! Check these water proof candles out! Perfect for a romantic bath for 2!

3). Lube: We can agree that this will spice up any night. I am a huge fan of this brand because it is all natural and organic!

4). Lingerie: You can’t go wrong putting this in a surprise for your spouse. Buy something new, or put in something you already have!

5). Massage Candle: Take it a step further and combine two of the gifts listed on here! A candle, and massage oil all in one!

Sexy Easter Basket robin eggs, x's and o's, bubble bath, chocolate body paint, and bath salts

6). Favorite Treat: Gotta have some sort of Easter treat in an Easter basket. My hubby loves these.

7).Chocolate Body Paint: Speaking of treat….

8). Bedroom Game: Include a fun bedroom game to play! That’s always a winner in any gift basket.Well…it’s a winner in a gift basket for your sweetie, not really for anyone else!

9). Bubble Bath: Who doesn’t love a bath for 2?! This is a fun option for a little something more relaxing than a shower. Plus you can get those waterproof candles we mentioned and have a super romantic bath!

10). Bath Salts: If bubbles just drive you nuts in a bath, try some bath salts! I love these. My hubby and I had the opportunity to create our own flavor combo of bath salts on our honey moon, and let me tell you, money well spent. So you could say I’m a fan {wink}

Sexy Easter Basket with lush foot cream, sex bath bomb, aprons, chocolate, and sexy dice

11). Bath Bombs: Oh. My. Goodness. I am even more of a fan of THESE than of the bath salts! My skin is so dang soft after I take a bath with one of these. And they smell amazing!

12). Lotion: If oil isn’t really your thing, or you don’t want to give that kind of massage, grab some lotion! Perfect for a foot rub!

13). Chocolate: You just gotta have some sort of sweet treat in an Easter basket. Plus this treat is fun to feed to your sweetie {wink wink}

14). Mr. & Mrs. : These are just the most darling things ever! I’m obsessed with Mr/Mrs. stuff, so anything that has it… I pretty much buy!

15). Dice: These will spice up ANY night! It’s just a fun little something that isn’t too expensive either!

These are just a few of the items that you could include in your sweeties sexy Easter basket. Remember that this is a fun, special, Easter basket for you and your sweetie to enjoy. You get what I’m sayin’ here? Also remember that the basket you put together does NOT have to be huge! Pick items that fit your budget. I put two items in my sweeties basket and he was SO excited.

I would also recommend using a basket that fits the amount of items you get. In other words, don’t use a big basket for 2 items. Your sweetie will appreciate the thought. And to be honest they won’t even be thinking about how many things you put in the basket. They’re just going to be excited about what’s INSIDE the basket {wink}.


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