Easter egg hunts aren’t just for the kiddos. At least not anymore! You and your sweetie will be having all the fun with THIS Easter egg hunt. Our sexy Easter egg hunt was specifically designed with couples in mind. This is like no other Easter egg hunt you’ve ever gone on before! It is sexy, fun, and will spice up any Easter!

intimate disclaimer

So seriously. Who decided that Easter egg hunts were only for the kids?! I love hunting those colorful eggs. And even more than that, I love getting the candy inside! Who doesn’t love candy?! So why do Easter egg hunts end for adults? I really don’t have an answer for this question, but we are bringing them back for adults!

Sexy Easter basket with invitation inside of Easter basket with easter eggs

Now, just so you all know…this is a sexy Easter egg hunt. This is an intimate game for you and your beloved to play. So don’t bring this game to your friends Easter BBQ for the adults. If you wanted to give it to them as a gift, that’s an idea I would definitely encourage.

Sexy easter basket with eggs in basket with easter egg cracked open showing sexy idea

Ok! Moving right along. So how does this work? Well to make it an intimate Easter egg hunt, we have designed some darling printables (as always) for you! So all the hard work is done for you, and all you need to do is print these out and hide some Easter eggs! It is completely up to you how you want to do the hunt. You can wait until the kids go to bed and hide them all over the house, or you can hide them in your bedroom, outside…whatever you want! I hid my sweeties in our bedroom and also included some of his favorite candy in each egg. Just a few pieces per egg to throw him off a little {wink}.

Sexy Easter egg hunt ideas for inside of Easter eggs

All you have to do to make this happen for your sweetheart is leave our adorable invitation out for them to find. Then assemble the eggs. I used these. I put one of our sassy ideas inside the egg with a few pieces of my hubby’s favorite candy and bam! All done. Super simple and super quick! Of course then you also have to hide the eggs too but that’s a piece of cake to do.

Sexy Easter egg hunt with egg cracked open showing sexy idea inside.

If you don’t want to do an Easter egg hunt, another fun idea is to combine this idea with our Sexy Easter Basket! So you could put together a sexy Easter basket and include some Easter eggs in the basket with these sexy ideas in the eggs! How fun would that be? Just a thought {wink}.

Snag Your FREE Printables Here and get ready for some Easter fun with your sweetheart!



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