As you know, intimacy is very important in any relationship. And we totally support intimacy in ALL it’s forms here at Kissing Often. So we have come up with another super fun way to add some spice to your intimate life. And it has whole lot to do with our name {wink}. Can you guess?

Ok, ok so that wasn’t very hard to guess. Kissing! That’s what we are talkin’ about this week. So as you know intimacy comes in many forms, and we want to embrace them all. Kissing is a wonderful form of physical intimacy that is enjoyed exclusively by you and your sweetie. But sometimes kissing is just….boring. There is no way that I am the only one who feels this way. It’s just how things go sometimes. The same old kiss, day in and day out, gets old eventually!

That is the LAST thing you want to happen! Kissing is so fun and such a special way to connect with your sweetheart. So how can you spice it up? Well we have come up with a fun way for you to change things up with your kisses, and I am so excited to share with you! We created a few lists of different kinds of kisses! That’s right peeps. So you and your sweetie can try all kinds of different kisses!

There are three different lists that we have put together and included for you to use. The first list is the “new” list. on this list you will find some fun and different types of kisses. For example, the Spider Man kiss. These are all just unique and different ways for you to change up your kissing game!

The next list is the “timed” list. This list is fun and designed to really bring you closer to your spouse. With this list of kisses, you can do whatever kind of kiss you want. I would personally go for the more romantic type kiss in this instance, but it’s up to you what you want to do. Basically you and your sweetie will make-out for whatever time is specified on the list for that day. Each day the time will increase. It really is fun doing this and brings you a whole lot closer!

The last list that we included is a blank list. This way you and your sweetheart can customize this whole experience. Maybe you want to mix and match from the lists we’ve put together. Go for it! The blank list allows you to do that. Or maybe you want to create your own! Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. You can do all three lists, or just one. Either way it is sure to be fun and totally worth while. You can never get too many kisses from your sweetie, am I right?!

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