Risk- taker or not, this game will have you hooked! Bedroom chance is all about pure luck, and good ‘ol fun in the bedroom between you and your sweetheart. Bedroom Chance combines fun and sexy all into one AH-mazing game. It is full of offers you just can’t (and won’t want to) refuse! 

intimate disclaimer

Now before we get too far into this I have to share something. All credit for this game goes to my super sweet hubby. He came up with the idea and I simply made it happen. He sat by me and answered all my questions, made the rules, came up with ideas for the chance cards, etc. You get the picture. And he is just so SO excited about it, you guys! (It’s so cute) It gives me a vision of what I must look like to him when I am giddy over cute dates that I design to share with you guys.

Sexy Bedroom Chance game cards lined up facing down

Aaanyway! Now for the juicy details of this game. So Bedroom Chance is a game that requires no skill, so don’t worry about losing out on the fun. All you have to do is draw a Chance card. Now on this card is a steamy activity for you and your sweetie! BUT the only way that this activity will happen is if you roll one of the two numbers listed on that card. You have 2 rolls of the dice to attempt to win that card. If you fail, the card goes back into the pile and it is the next players turn.

Sexy Bedroom Chance cards with a few facing up showing sexy ideas for two to do.

This game is seriously so much fun! My hubby really hit a home run with this one. So simple and easy, but still sexy! The fun goes on as long as you want it to. We have also included some blank cards for you to create your own chance cards! One for you and one for your sweetie. The perfect way to add some personalization and anticipation to your game!


See what I meant when I said the game took no skill? Now if you count rolling the dice as a skill, then there is a little skill involved. Otherwise it’s just luck my friends. Everything that you need to play this game is included in our printable pack. We included the dice, the chance cards plus some blanks for you and your sweetheart to personalize, and we even included the rules so there is no confusion {wink}.

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