We’ve got a sexy take on party classic. Now, you may or may not have played this game, but you will definitely want to play after you see this! This new take packs a serious sexy punch and it is the perfect, easy opportunity to try something new! If you’re familiar with this game, you’ll LOVE the sexy twist we put on it.

intimate disclaimer

So I can’t say that I’ve ever played this game. My husband, however, has played. So I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to put this together. Oh well! It turned out SO fun. And I wasn’t half bad playing so that was a huuuge plus! Let me explain a little bit of how this works. Because let me tell you, it’s not the traditional way. And there’s no alcohol involved.

A fun and free date idea that takes a new and sexy take on an old classic.

First, you’ll need some cups. Traditionally this is played with red plastic cups, but you can use any cups… I wouldn’t recommend small cups though. You’ll also need ping pong balls. (You can get someĀ here). So this is based off the six cup style of playing. Basically you’ll need to set up your cups in a little pyramid with six cups.

A fun and free date idea that takes a new and sexy take on an old classic.

I know that there are many different rules and everyone has their own house rules. But here is how my hubby and I played. Ladies first is how we played…so I went first. Each player gets two throws to try and make it in any of the cups. If you make a ball into one of the cups, traditionally you would have to drink the alcohol in that cup. But since we have put a fun, sexy twist on this game, that’s not what is going to happen. Instead there will be a slip of paper with a steamy activity on it. You must then do what the paper says. Yup. Immediately! So when I made a shot, the slip in the cup I made the shot in said “kisses”. So since hubby was “the loser” he had to give me kisses! Isn’t that so fun?!

Once you have thrown two times, then it’s the other players turn. Keep going until all the cups are gone. Or until you just can’t take it anymore {wink wink}. We kept it simple. So simple, in fact, that all you need to do is grab our printable pack along with the two other supplies (unless you already have everything) and you’re all set for a fun and sexy date night!

Get Your Printable Pack HERE!


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