We’re bringing back a game that you all probably remember from your childhood sleepovers.  Call it what you will: Fortune Teller, Cootie Catcher, Chatterbox, Salt Cellar, or Whirlybird. All are the same. But what’s so great about this one? What could you possibly want with a child game? You guessed it! We have completely re-done this game and made it into a simple and sexy game for you and your sweetie to enjoy!


Ok peeps. So we all remember what a cootie catcher is right? That fun little origami craft that told your future? I remember when I learned how to make them in 2nd grade and that was it. I was addicted. My little friends and I made these bad boys alllll day long. Different ones, with different colors, and different future predictions inside. Predictions like “You and your crush will be together forever”. Then of course you would have your bestie give it a go. Those were the days.

Well of course these little paper things do not actually predict your future. But ours will {wink} At least it will predict your very near future…in the bedroom…with your sweetheart. Basically how this works is the same way you remember. You will fold it up and use it to tell the others “future”. BUT the fun, sassy twist we put on it is this: You actually do what the Cootie Catcher says!

Sexy Cootie Catcher - Free Printable by Kissing Often

Here’s how our Sexy Cootie Catcher works. The outside squares all have actions on them. If you pick “hug” you will first, give your sweetie a hug! Then you’ll move on through the numbers as usual. Once it comes time to pick your final number, a steamy action will be on the other side! That means that you will get that! So if your future reads “Full body massage” guess what? Your sweetie is going to make that happen for you! Now remember to play fair and give your sweetheart a chance too!

For those of you who haven’t made one of these in an eternity (like yours truly) here are some pictures for you to follow on how to make the Cootie Catcher. It took me a few tries to remember! But it all came back to me, so don’t worry.

Sexy Cootie Catcher Instructions- Free Printable by Kissing Often

Our Sexy Cootie Catcher is WAY cuter than any one that I ever made back in second grade, so that is a major plus, don’t you think? Well of course it is! How could it not be?! This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to romance in the bedroom. Trust me! It only takes a few minutes to print this darling printable off, and fold it up. BAM! You’re all set! Date night in under 5 minutes! Well…date night in less than 5 minutes if it takes you under 5 minutes to fold the cootie catcher. If you’re a little rusty like I was, it may be date night in a little more than 5 minutes {wink wink}. Either way this date is quick to prep and quick to carry out! And who doesn’t love that?

Snag This Darling Cootie Catcher HERE!


6 comments on “Sexy Cootie Catcher: A Quick & Easy Way To Romance”

  1. Loooove this!!! I’m always looking for ways to add some spice in my marriage. I’m the hopeless romantic and my husband is not! I made him love coupons like 3 years ago, he cashed in two of them and that’s it!!! Totally forgot about the other 10!!! Til this day!!

    • Oh my gosh that’s too funny Jackie! My husband really like this! And even though I made it, it was still a total surprise what I got.

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