Do you ever just lack inspiration for date night? Date night rolls around and you just can’t even think because your brain is so fried from the week! It happens to me ALL the time. And nothing is more frustrating than searching endlessly on the internet for some easy date ideas and none of them are actually fun! That happened to me A LOT in the past! So! We here at Kissing Often put together a list of easy date night ideas that are actually fun and do-able!

So as most of you know, here at Kissing Often we share weekly date night ideas that spice things up a bit, but are also super creative and super fun! Most every date includes free printables, which makes date night easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy! But let me tell you what, before Kissing Often was even a  thought in my mind, I was scouring the internet (mostly Pinterest) for fun date ideas that I could put together for me and my then boyfriend (now hot hubby!). It was so frustrating because I swear every list I came across was the same stuff just in a different order! And the things that these lists claimed to be amazing dates, were honestly kinda lame to me. Basically the internet was failing me.

Can anyone relate? It was hard enough trying to come up with something other than dinner and a movie. Or even an inexpensive date idea that was something other than go on a hike/walk. But when you’re reading basically the same list of ideas over and over again…it kiiiinda stinks!

That is why I put together this list. Because this list is going to be ideas that anyone can do, and that are not your stereotypical “date” ideas. Watch the sunset won’t be found on this list. While watching the sunset is a wonderful way to just relax and soak up natures beauty with your sweetheart, that is not what most people are looking for when they are searching for easy night ideas (am I right?).

So let’s dive right in shall we?

11 easy date night ideas roundup

1. Dollar Date Night: This is the perfect idea if you need a fun idea but have a tight budget. My sweetie and I have done this and we laughed hysterically the whole time! Of course, there is a little somethin’ sassy for after hours included with this date {wink}

2. Challenge: Are you up for a challenge? This is perfect! I will warn you that this is not a one day challenge…it’s a 7 day one and is not for those who blush easily. This is a 7 day intimacy challenge that will have you and your sweetheart growing closer in new ways!

3. Theme Date: Pick any one you like! My sweetie and I frequently do this. A popular one for in my house is Star Wars. We have a marathon at home and have fun themed “galactic” foods. We also like to do Thai themed nights, Mexican themed night, etc. The beauty of this is that you are not limited. If you can’t afford to go out? Stay home. If you want a night on the town? Go to a restaurant that offers that cuisine. This is also an opportunity to try out a new place together.

4. Learn Something New Together: I cannot recommend enough spending time together. Whether you watch a youtube video on how to ballroom dance, or go take a class at your local community college, anything together is always fun! This idea also has the flexibility of being able to do this from home, or go out!

5. Thrift Store: Oh my gosh this is a good one too! Some people have mixed feelings about thrift stores, but don’t let that ruin your fun. This is both inexpensive AND a night on the town. Go in and explore. See who can find the craziest, most out there item! You don’t even have to buy anything, but you’ll still get a good laugh and an adventure.

6. Conversation: At first this one sounds boring. But trust me, you will LOVE these. This is versatile and will have you learning new things about your sweetheart left and right! Plus you can incorporate this into something as simple as dinner, or you can enjoy this all on it’s own.

7. Jenga: Just so you know…this is NOT your regular old, average, everyday Jenga peeps. This is intimate Jenga. Game night with perks {wink wink}

8. Progressive Dinner Date: If you have’t tried this, you should! Basically you have each course at a different restaurant. Appetizer at one place, dinner at another, and finally dessert at a final place.

9. Be A Tourist: If funds allow, go somewhere just outside your town. It’s always fun to explore new places! If you are limited, then there is always something new to check-out in your hometown. There is always events going on, and new sights to see! Who can say that they have actually seen everything there is to see in their town? Not many people. So get out there and see new things!

10.X’s & O’s: Looking for something super simple to just spice up the night? This is a sexy re-do of the game tic-tac-toe. You won’t want to ever play the regular game again {wink}

11. Realty: Go to open houses together! Even if you aren’t looking to buy a house. There is always free snacks and it’s a fun, free way to get out of your own house! Get dressed up and go to the fancy neighborhood in your area and talk about how ridiculously expensive that house was! Or dream of what yours will look like one day.

Do YOU have any fun and easy date night ideas? we would LOVE to hear about them! Leave them in the comments below!


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