Sometimes date night is more fun with friends. Group dates are a fun way to build relationships with your couple friends, but also get ALL of you out for date night! Our Best Of date idea is the perfect way to a frugal and fun group date night.

The perfect group date idea for date night! Our Best Of date idea is frugal, but most importantly fun!

Don’t you just love having married friends to hang out with? I sure do. It is always such a fun time just chatting, playing games, and laughing together. So over here at Kissing Often we decided that there needed to be more fun group date ideas shared. So here we are! Get ready for some serious fun with the Best Of date night (or date day). This date can be done singularly with just you and your sweetie. But it is waaaay more fun with friends.

My hubby and I have this thing that we like to do where we just HAVE to find the best tasting everything. If a restaurant has a sampler platter of anything, we get it. Candy? Same thing. We taste them all, and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Then at the end, we go back and see which one had the highest score. That one was obviously our favorite. It’s just a fun little thing that we do. But I got to thinking that that would be so much fun to do with friends!

The perfect group date idea for date night! Our Best Of date idea is frugal, but most importantly fun!

So now we’re back to the Best Of date night. We’re calling it “Best Of” because you are going to find the best of something with this date. Everyone makes things differently, has a different recipe, etc. So the same food, does not ever taste the same everywhere you go. Now with this date, you’re going to settle who’s is the best!

So here’s what you gotta do to make this happen. First, decide what food you want to sample. Next, invite over your favorite people and ask each couple to bring over a small amount of the same thing. Whether it’s guacamole, potato salad, ribs, etc. You can get as crazy and creative as you want.

The perfect group date idea for date night! Our Best Of date idea is frugal, but most importantly fun!

Now to keep things fair in the taste test portion, as your guests arrive, put all the dishes into separate containers that all look the same. Whether that means putting it into your bowls at home, buying disposable bowls, using tupperware, whatever! Just make sure the dish is not in the container it came in. You don’t want people knowing right off the bat who’s dish is who’s. This is a blind taste test.

Now all you have to so is set up the bowls with our darling numbered dish labels and you’re ready to start tasting! We’ve included printable score cards for each couple along with a master score card. Everyone will taste each dish and mark how many stars they feel it deserves on their card. Then one person will tally all the stars up and announce the dish that won! We even included a little award to sit next to the dish that won! There’s a little blank spot on the bottom to fill in what dish they won best of for {wink}

Isn’t that so fun?! All you need is some friends and our darling printables to make this happen!

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