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Date Night & Intimacy Ideas

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

birthday scavenger hunt image with clue envelopes laid out.

I absolutely love spoiling my sweetie! Who doesn’t?! But I will admit sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ways to surprise him, AND to top what I did in prior years. I mean well! Really! But sometimes the ideas just don’t flow. Then this beautiful idea came to me! And it was just the thing to do this year! This scavenger hunt is the perfect solution when you are stuck, or want to make a birthday extra special. The best part about it? It didn’t cost much at all. (who doesn’t love that?) (more…)

Date-O : Bingo For Adults

Date-O featured image

Ok, so you know how we like to take games and spice them up so you can have an amazing, fun, and romantic date at home? Well, another one is coming your way right here! Skipping date night is not an option around here, so keep reading for a fun, easy, and already planned date night! (more…)

40 MORE Conversation Starters

Last week we shared an awesome way for you to change things up with your spouse. We gave you over 60 different and fun conversation starters for you and your sweetie {In case you missed it, click here} Well, it was such a HUGE hit that we decided to give you more! However, these ones are just a little bit different. But don’t worry, it’s a good kind of different.  (more…)

60+ Conversation Starters For Your Marriage

Conversation Starters with cards showing questions

Remember when you were dating and all kinds of fun questions came up that you asked your spouse? And you stayed up late into the night just chatting? With the stresses of work, kids, school, etc. it can be hard to keep the fun going and reconnect with your sweetheart. The stresses of life shouldn’t stop you from always learning and growing with your spouse. So we created these fun little conversation cards!  (more…)

Romantic Dinner Date In

A date night in! Sometimes going out just is not an option. But staying in can be fun too! In fact, we think that staying in is so much fun that we created an entire date dedicated to staying in! Sometimes finances or situations can prevent you from going out, but that is no excuse to SKIP date night. That’s just crazy talk! SO! Get all the details you need to have the perfect date night in right here. (more…)

The 5 Senses Gift : Love Your Spouse With ALL Your Senses

The 5 Senses Gift featured image

It’s the holidays and you’re scrambling for a gift idea. We’ve all been there. And it’s not for lack of thought that you are coming up empty. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to come up with gift ideas! (The struggle is seriously real). Well don’t feel bad. We have the PERFECT gift idea for you…well, 5 gifts actually! Whether it’s your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, this gift will work for them all! (more…)

Jenga With An Intimate Twist

sexy jenga date night with invitation to leave for spouse.

Ok lovelies! We have another AH-mazing idea for you to turn an ordinary game, into an intimate bedroom game! It is so much fun! We have created some cute printables for you to enhance your Jenga game. Our printables help you turn the game into the fun and sassy game we know you’ll love. Each piece has a task on it that will inspire intimacy in the bedroom. Intrigued?  (more…)

Would You Rather: Couple’s Edition

branded would you rather featured image for would you rather date

I don’t know about you, but when I think of “would you rather” I do not think sexy. But you know if it’s on here it totally is. We created a list of Would You Rather Questions specifically for couples! There is one list for inspiring intimacy, and one list to help you learn more about each other. There is also a list included that you can do as a whole family! (more…)

7 Day Intimacy Challenge

7 day sex challenge for couples!


We’ve really done it this time! You’ve seen them all over the internet. Challenges are taking the internet by storm! The ice bucket challenge (can you say COLD!) , the cinnamon challenge, I could go on. BUT just the other day, as I was browsing social media, I found a challenge that I actually wanted to participate in! Ok, so I turned it into a challenge but still! You’ll want to take part too. I came across this article  detailing the benefits of having sex, and having it often. 7 days straight to be exact. Some of the benefits included:

Couples Bucket List

Couples bucket lists

Do you have a bucket list? I know I do! When my husband and I got serious in our dating relationship, we made our list together of things that we wanted to do. Once we got married things didn’t change; we still had our list of adventures to do together. One of those adventures includes staying in one of those igloos with a glass roof to watch the northern lights. (more…)