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Date Night & Intimacy Ideas

Sexy Bedroom Checkers

Looking for a fun, romantic, but easy thing to do in the bedroom? Look no further than our sexy bedroom checkers. This game night redo will turn date night into a romantic evening in no time.

This game is like no other game of checkers that you have ever played before. How? We put a lil extra spice into this game to make it fun, flirty, and perfect for the bedroom! Romance, strategy, and fun all wrapped into one.  (more…)

Wallet Love Notes

Looking for a way to add a little romance to your relationship? Our wallet love notes are the perfect way to keep your sweetheart dreaming all day long. Choose from tame or sexy love notes!

Looking for a fun and romantic surprise for your sweetie? Our Wallet Love Notes should do the trick then! These babies are perfect for a quick and simple way to keep your sweetheart dreaming throughout the day. And it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to sneak one of these into their wallet! (more…)

11 Easy Date Night Ideas That Are Not Boring

11 easy date night ideas roundup

Do you ever just lack inspiration for date night? Date night rolls around and you just can’t even think because your brain is so fried from the week! It happens to me ALL the time. And nothing is more frustrating than searching endlessly on the internet for some easy date ideas and none of them are actually fun! That happened to me A LOT in the past! So! We here at Kissing Often put together a list of easy date night ideas that are actually fun and do-able! (more…)

Sexy Cootie Catcher: A Quick & Easy Way To Romance

Sexy Cootie Catcher - Free Printable by Kissing Often

We’re bringing back a game that you all probably remember from your childhood sleepovers.  Call it what you will: Fortune Teller, Cootie Catcher, Chatterbox, Salt Cellar, or Whirlybird. All are the same. But what’s so great about this one? What could you possibly want with a child game? You guessed it! We have completely re-done this game and made it into a simple and sexy game for you and your sweetie to enjoy! (more…)

Passion Pong

A fun and free date idea that takes a new and sexy take on an old classic.

We’ve got a sexy take on party classic. Now, you may or may not have played this game, but you will definitely want to play after you see this! This new take packs a serious sexy punch and it is the perfect, easy opportunity to try something new! If you’re familiar with this game, you’ll LOVE the sexy twist we put on it. (more…)

Bedroom Chance

Risk- taker or not, this game will have you hooked! Bedroom chance is all about pure luck, and good ‘ol fun in the bedroom between you and your sweetheart. Bedroom Chance combines fun and sexy all into one AH-mazing game. It is full of offers you just can’t (and won’t want to) refuse!  (more…)

7 Days Of Kisses

7 days of kisses featured image with couple kissing

As you know, intimacy is very important in any relationship. And we totally support intimacy in ALL it’s forms here at Kissing Often. So we have come up with another super fun way to add some spice to your intimate life. And it has whole lot to do with our name {wink}. Can you guess? (more…)

X’s & O’s: AKA Tic-Tac-Toe

X's & O's game board with game tokens.

We have another super fun re-do of a tried and true favorite. Of course there is a fun twist on this game to make it sassy enough for date night {wink}. This fun and simple game is not how you remember it as a kid. This familiar game has been transformed in order to spice up your night!  (more…)

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

birthday scavenger hunt image with clue envelopes laid out.

I absolutely love spoiling my sweetie! Who doesn’t?! But I will admit sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ways to surprise him, AND to top what I did in prior years. I mean well! Really! But sometimes the ideas just don’t flow. Then this beautiful idea came to me! And it was just the thing to do this year! This scavenger hunt is the perfect solution when you are stuck, or want to make a birthday extra special. The best part about it? It didn’t cost much at all. (who doesn’t love that?) (more…)