This little endeavor all started back when my sweetheart and I were dating. {Sigh} Those are some of the best memories. As time progressed, the typical dinner and a movie date got kind of old, and not to mention pricey! So to save some money and to change things up, I started creating dates for the two of us. Dates that we could do at home, or for a super minimal cost. After getting married, I quickly became aware that I wasn’t the only one who needed inexpensive and fun date night ideas. I was surrounded by wonderful married couples who also wanted ideas like the ones I was creating! We all knew that continuing to date your spouse was important. So I decided to take the plunge and started Kissing Often. A place where people can come for date night ideas, and encouragement for their marriage.

Every Monday we share a new and creative date night idea. All our dates come with free (yes, you read that right FREE) printables so you have minimal work to do! During the rest of the week you can also find marriage encouragement, ways to serve your spouse, ideas to create a stronger bond with your sweetie, and much more! There is something for everyone here and I am so excited for you to become part of our community!

Our Mission

Our mission at Kissing Often is to help keep the love alive. We absolutely encourage kissing, and kissing…often (hence our name *wink*). Our hope is that date night becomes a top priority and that we can help make it happen for you. We believe that dating should never stop, even after years of marriage. We believe in keeping the romance alive and red hot! We believe date night, and your relationship with your spouse should be at the top of your list! Our dates are fun, easy, outside the box, and most importantly, inspire intimacy. We practice what we preach too! What does that mean? That means we are committed to weekly date nights too! So all the dates you see posted, we’ve done ’em too!

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