Why We Do What We Do

Our mission at Kissing Often is to help keep the love alive. We absolutely encourage kissing, and kissing…often (hence our name *wink*). My hope is that date night becomes a top priority and that I can help make it happen for you. We believe that dating should never stop, even after years of marriage. We believe in keeping the romance alive and red hot! We believe date night, and your relationship with your spouse should be at the top of your list! Our dates are fun, easy, outside the box, and most importantly, inspire intimacy.

About Kissing Often

This little endeavor all started back when my sweetheart and I were dating. {Sigh} Those are some of the best memories. As time progressed, the typical dinner and a movie date got kind of old, and not to mention pricey! So to save some money and to change things up, I started creating dates for the two of us. And now I am here to share them with you!  Now that we are married we know just how important continuing to date is and we are committed to weekly date nights ourselves. So you can count on a constant stream of new dates that my sweetie and I will also be partaking in each week!

About Me


Hi! I’m Natalee. Thank you for being a part of this community! I’m so glad you are here. Here is a little bit about the face behind this whole thing! I love, love! I’m lucky to have the man of my dreams by my side supporting me and inspiring me! My hope is that you get inspiration and support for your marriage here.

Married To: J.T.

In the “before” life: Registered Dental Assistant

Scared of: Icky bugs (they’re all kind of icky to me), deep water, and heights

Good at: Most anything crafty

Favorite holiday: Christmas for SURE!

Favorite weather: Hard to say. I love rainy cloudy days, but I also love springtime sunshine.

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Candles, snuggles, flowers, elephants, and coffee mugs! There’s more but, the list would go on forever if I continued {wink}