I’m lucky to have the man of my dreams by my side supporting me and inspiring me! You could say I am an introverted extrovert (make sense of that!) I find cheesy jokes funny. I love anything creative and fun! I am madly in love with my super cute hubby. One of the things I love most in this world is the sound of a house filled with friends and family. 
Married To:
In The “Before” Life: Registered Dental Assistant
Scared of: Icky bugs (they’re all kind of icky to me), deep water, and heights
Good At: Most anything crafty
Favorite Holiday: Christmas for SURE!
Favorite Weather: Hard to say. I love rainy cloudy days, but I also love springtime sunshine.
A Few Of My Favorite Things: Candles, snuggles, flowers, elephants, and coffee mugs! There’s more but, that list could go on forever!


I am a Jesus worshiping, sometimes vegetarian, American patriot. That’s just a peek at my craziness! My husband is truly perfect for me and the love of my life. Some might call me crazy, but I call it passion! And one thing I am certainly passionate about is my hubby and my marriage. P.S. My name is pronounced Julia.

Married To: Brian
In The “Before” Life: Office Manager
Scared Of: Heights
Good At: I’m good at boring stuff! Like paperwork, writing…administrative things like that.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas of course
Favorite Weather: Bright & Sunny
A Few Of My Favorite Things: Going to the beach, and hiking. Especially when Brian is with me!