DIY Sexy Board Game

It’s game night, and we have got the PERFECT game designed just for you and your sweetheart! It’s full of sassy ideas and intimate acts all designed for a fun and flirty night. All The best part? IT’S FREE! Here’s how to play: (more…)

Neon Date Night

Neon Night Date

It’s date night but you don’t have time to plan anything! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Turn off the lights, and get ready to glow. This date is sure to spice things up in the bedroom. Lights off and nothing but you, your sweetie, and neon lights, what could be better?!  (more…)

Gold Rush Date

Gold Rush Date Night

Get ready to strike it rich! This date is sure to be gold. As you’ve probably noticed, a lot of my dates are inspired by my sweet husband. This one is no exception! He is a history buff. We both kind of are but he knows way more than I do, that’s for sure! So Here is our Gold Rush themed date!  (more…)

Snow Day Date

snow day date

Snow Day Date! Who doesn’t love a snow day? No school, no work (sometimes). I, however, have never experienced this. You see, I was born and raised in southern California. SO snow days do not exist. Growing up we always went to my grandparents house in Flagstaff, AZ and got snow and it was awesome! (p.s. if you’ve never been to Flagstaff you need to go! It’s so beautiful). So whether you are actually having a snow day, or you just want to pretend (like me) This date is for you! (more…)

Cozy Cuddle Kit

Cozy Gift Basket! This is perfect as a gift or for your own date night

I love the idea of gift baskets. They are just my favorite things! They’re so cute and fun to give away! Plus they can be homemade with is even better!  (at least that’s how I feel about it!) I also happen to love, love, love cuddling. Seriously. It’s just the best! Especially when your hubby is around 😉 Put all those loves of mine together and the Cozy Cuddle Kit was born! (more…)

Cowboy Country Date

Cowboy Themed Date Night! This is such a fun date to do any time of year. At Kissing Often We like options and we like creativity. So This is a fun country style date with some fun and sassy twists to keep it interesting and fun *wink*. As with many of our dates we have options for every situation so date night can remain a priority. (more…)

Basketball Date

This is coming to you from the least sporty person around town. Me and sports…ya we just aren’t the best of friends. Freshman p.e. was a nightmare for me. Except for badminton, i’m good at that (but I think that’s because if that little birdie hits me it won’t hurt.) My husband on the other hand….he was quarterback of the varsity football team…and played baseball, and volleyball. He’s all about sports. So this date is for all those sporty folks out there! And you know what? Even if you aren’t sporty (like yours truly) don’t worry. I could do this, so can you! (more…)

Pumpkin Date

Fall is finally here and we are SO excited! Fall is such a beautiful time of year and we love it! To kick off the season we have put together a simple and fun date that you can even include the kids on!

Corn mazes, trips to the pumpkin patch, apple picking, pie! So many good things about fall. This date is fun for the whole family. Head over to the pumpkin patch and enjoy the festivities. Don’t forget to pick out pumpkins to take home! (more…)

Mini Golf Date

Get ready to Putt your heart out with this date! What’s amazing about this date is that you have the freedom to go out and mini golf, or you can stay home and mini golf! How do you stay home and mini golf?  It’s really fun, Let me tell you. (more…)